What products do you provide as part of the cleaning contract?

We supply anything that is required to clean your premises – vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, chemicals etc. Consumables such as toilet rolls, hand towels, soap dispensers etc are not included as part of the contract but we can order and arrange delivery on your behalf. You will be invoiced separately for these items.

How quickly can you start the cleaning contract?

Ideally, we require 2 weeks from signing the contract to starting it. If for any reason you require an urgent start then we will make a special request to the Contracts Manager in your area, who will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Do you have a set hourly rate?

We generally work on a cost per building and tailor-made service, rather than an hourly rate. We prefer to treat each customer as an individual.

How often do your Contracts Managers and Regional Managers visit?

Once you become a customer of Rapid, you will automatically receive an audit once a month, carried out by your Contracts Manager. This is initiated by them and they will carry out the audit, which you will be invited to attend. We use a traffic light system, whereby ‘green’ means everything is ok, ‘amber’ highlights items that need attention and will be rectified by the next audit and ‘red’ means this must be dealt with by the next clean. You will be sent a copy of this audit for your records.

The Regional Manager will visit on occasion and will sometimes attend the monthly audit.  If there is a specific issue that needs rectifying immediately then they will attend with the Contracts Manager.

Do you have a minimum number of hours per contract?

As a general rule, we wouldn’t take on a new contract requiring less than 6 cleaning hours per week. The only exception would be if the building was located very near to an existing contract, meaning that set up fees would be minimal.

Who do we contact if we have a complaint?

As a customer, your first point of contact will always be your Contracts Manager. They will be best placed to deal with your query as quickly and efficiently as possible.